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Yoguracaginiz rough dough, softened at room temperature alin.Seker terayagini,salt,kabatma tozu,vinegar,pulp consistency, add the rest yogurun.10-15 minutes earlobe karistirin. add the egg yolk. Acin.Kurabiye 4mm thick dough roller mold or… Read More »

Carrot Cake

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Materials: 4 eggs 2 cup granulated sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 2,5 su un bardağı 1 Large cup crushed walnuts 1 grated lemon peel 3 cups grated carrots 1 package… Read More »


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Materials: 400 gr.asma yaprağı 400 gr.azyagli ground beef 4/3 of bardagi pirinc 1 tbsp tomato paste 2 ADET sogan ½ maydanoz Demet 1 tatli kasigi pul biber… Read More »

Taze Soganli DANA ETI

In Meat Dishes, Meals On 23 December 2011 2 Comments

Materials: 300 gr.havuc 400 gr.dana label 6 tbsp canola oil 1 his bardagi etsuyu 1 Demet Taze Sogan Tuz,black pepper 4 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp vinegar… Read More »

Whisk herbs EGE PASTRY

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Wash greens thoroughly to extract,after drying,Stir in salt and olive oil in thin kiyin.Birkabin. In another cup of flour,boza cirpin.Bu thick like salt and water mixture in a Teflon pan olmali.20-25cm-wide minimum… Read More »


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300gr sugar almonds in a large bowl, dust the remaining sugar and egg whites.The mereng harmanlayin.Geriye whites.The yapin.Yani mixer at high speed flapping in dribs and drabs and egg and stir in powdered sugar,… Read More »


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Put the other ingredients that work to open a hole tezgahınıza eleyin.Ortasına a soft dough with a finger-thick open yoğurun.merdane,with the help of a mold material you want to put apartments in the center of dough shaped kesin.Daire… Read More »

Incirli and walnut cake

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Soak until figs soften Provide hot water and finely chop one hour. Enlarged eggs and sugar in a bowl,Whisk the eggs with mixer until risen.(up to approximately 5min) Siviyag see… Read More »