Dear visitor,

14.02.1964 I was born in Istanbul. Mutfakta ugrasmayi,I love to please myself and around me. I have ten years of professional experience.
I want,people, satisfaction is to see on their faces after eating my urunlerimiz .
, At first,,tariffs was to put my children and relatives, as a sudden. But then I chose many years of labor by, I wanted to share with everyone recipes I liked and admired.
Both yourself, If you want both to please those around you, Try to say some food and pastries.
I hope you never Tariflerimle sikmayacagimi. I was sure that the materials in easy to understand and easy to.
Who lent their support and appreciation, I always , my children, My brothers, My friends, all around nice people and thank to my mother.

Directions and you can not understand the anlatimlari hesitate any subject without asking. I'll help you as best I can.

Many thanks in advance for contributions from you comments,.

Ayten Kurdoglu