• 600 gr. a
  • 150 gr.seker
  • 350 gr.tereyag 75 gr. walnut (iri dovulmus) Ic malzemesi: 4 adet iri boy armut 30 gr. tereyag 100 gr.bal 1 cay kasigi… Read More »
  • 75 gr. walnut (iri dovulmus)
  • Ic malzemesi:
  • 4 adet iri boy armut
  • 30 gr. butter
  • 100 gr.bal
  • 1 ½ tsp of cloves or cinnamon
  • Cream:
  • 500 gr knew
  • 2 egg yolk
  • 40 gr. nisasta
  • 100 gr. toz seker
  • 1 Packages vanilya

Sift together the flour dough bench,in the form of a pool in the middle and cut the dough into small pieces teryagini koyun.Sekeride add the flour in the center of your finger tips to mix it all crumbled,Divide the dough in a ragged half olacak.Hamuru butunlestirmeyin.Hamurun,yaglanmis 20 to 30 publication of a mold the size of your hand pressing,175 degree 15 smashed a large walnut on the other half minutes of cooking stir yapin.Hamurun,Let stand on the sidelines.
For cream,egg,Cook until thickens, add sugar and starch karistirin.Sutu,Add vanilla extract.

Peel the pears finely teryagini saucepan, melt dograyin.Bir,Add pears and cook for a few minutes, and depending on the forehead ekleyin.Ocaktan,Drain excess water strainer,Add seasoning.

Spread the icing on the half-cooked dough,Cover the dough with fruits,yayin.175 fruit pulp on the degree of the beef with walnuts 35-40 minutes Cook.

Serve with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce.

Bu Tarti elma,You can also make fruit such as peaches.

Cilek sos:Raspberry in a bowl ,tbsp sugar and a tsp of lemon juice together in a blendır,Besides all use tatrlarin.

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