• 10egg whites
  • 600gr seker
  • 350gr toz badem
300gr sugar almonds in a large bowl, dust the remaining sugar and egg whites.The mereng harmanlayin.Geriye whites.The yapin.Yani mixer at high speed flapping in dribs and drabs and egg and stir in powdered sugar, Whisk until sugar dissolves.

Meringue powder sugar-almond mixture with the help of a spatula karistirin.Bunu Book broad movements.(3Stir once)

Hear the pastry bag with 10mm straight end of the dough pieces doldurun.2 yayin.Torbadaki oven tray greased paper and pulp 30x40cm size pieces to each other in a straight line on the paper yayin.Hamuru Degen 150 derece Firinda 15-18 pisirin.Hamur minutes more drying.(Japan hamuru).Cool and thoroughly cooked and baked with almonds(preferably in the fridge 1 sogutmali gun ki,daha rahat sarilabilsin)Butter Cream dough on baking paper over the bottom of sokulmeli.Pastaci yayin.Uzerine slices of fruit you fancy as you desire with the help of a paper roll under the fridge yapin.2 hours after listening to slice and serve.(Leave in the fridge along with the ones on the strecliyerek) uzerine pudra sekeri serperek ve meyve dilimleri koyarak servis yapabilirsiniz.

NOT:These measurements will get two rolls. Estimated 12 is a double.

Extent as the use half a roll.

  • 500ml sut
  • 3adet yumurta sarisi
  • 100gr seker
  • 60gr nisasta
  • 1cay kasigi vanilya
  • 2-3 tbsp cream (Cool and stir)

Istediginiz Meyve:pineapple,seftali,cilek,portakal ... vb.

Prepare cream:Much of the remaining 100ml milk 400ml milk egg yolks kaynatin.Geri,seker,karistirin.Tum starch and vanilla in a bowl with a separate drain pan over low heat stir the material re-,Search for pisirin.Sogumasi birakin.Ara aside until it is too yogunlasana Mix.

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