• 1 eggs
• ½ pounds of un
• Salt
• Your
For the filling:
• 250 grams kıyma
• 1 grated onion
• Salt
• Pepper
• vegetable oil for frying

Preparation of
Our pie flavors give mAdIğImIz.
A, egg, salt and knead the dough on the earlobe with water. Leave a damp cloth covering the rest. If you rest your pie dough you'll always get better results.
Ground beef, grated onion, Knead the salt and pepper. Make sure that the meat is soft, adding water to a consistency.
Separate dough into pieces small Listened. Open each decorated in a subtle way with the roller or rolling pin. Be ready until pastry delicacy. Open until midnight every part of your internal hash publication. Interior materials should be fine if not better kızartılırk. Close the hash for the other half of the dough from sticking to provide thoroughly by cutting the edges of the dough with a thin pastry in the form of roulette D. Fry both sides throwing angry and plenty of oil. Make a hot service.
Bon appetit




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