For the cake:
• 4 eggs
• 3 tablespoons of sugar
• 3 cup of coffee
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla
For cream:
• ½ kilograms of milk
• 7 tablespoons of sugar
• 4 tablespoons of flour
• 1 eggs
• 1 Packages vanilya
• 100 gram chocolate
• Frozen cherries
• Drop chocolate
Chocolate Glazer:
• 100 gram chocolate
• 1 tea cup heavy cream

I prepare us for our cake muffin ago. Beat eggs and sugar with a mixer at high speed until skin blisters. A, kabartma tozu, Add the beaten egg then addressed the vanilla. Gradually stir flour with a spatula until yedirince. Cover with wax paper freeing you cook your tart shell in preheated oven.
Mix the other ingredients except chocolate cream and cook until it thickens. Stir in the vanilla and chocolate close in January, adding. Use thoroughly after cooling.
Thoroughly cooled cake divided into three equal parts. Apply the chocolate cream, Sprinkle the chocolate chips cherry on the intermediate directories. Apply cream and chocolate drizzle putting on the second floor. The plaster on each side of the third floor and put the remaining cream.
For Glaze, I çikolta and cream- Melt procedure marine and cover with the pastry. Garnish with whipped cream. After the service, you can rest in the fridge.
Bon appetit





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