• ½ fresh greens kg.karisik(kus otu,chicory,esek helvasi,Labada ... vb)
  • 5 heaped tbsp flour
  • 1 of bardagi of
  • ½ cay bardagi zeytinyag
  • Salt
  • NOT:Depending on the season greens kullanabilirsiniz.Ispanak,isirgan,You can mix the leaves of green onion in a.
Wash greens thoroughly to extract,after drying,Stir in salt and olive oil in thin kiyin.Birkabin.

In another cup of flour,boza cirpin.Bu thick like salt and water mixture in a Teflon pan olmali.20-25cm-wide consistency of yaglayin.Boza the mixture at,bottom of the skillet to close ,koyun.Hazir dough with a thin layer of chopped greens,yerlestirin.Yesilliklerin will not touch the edges of the pan on the pan ,4 spoon until the dough by turning off a cover serpistirin.Tavaya ,Fry in person shooter edin.Hamur koyun.10 minutes later and the greens in control olacak.Boregi upside down now some have lost volume or cold greens can serve kadar.Sicak pisirin.5 minutes.

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