• 400gr un
  • 200gr tereyağ
  • 1 eggs
  • 10gr Tuz
  • 10gr tozşeker
  • 150g their
Yoğurun.Buzdolabında together all the ingredients for the dough 20 inch of the first ten minutes açın.Hamurun dinlendirin.Hamuru roller brush with egg white rectangular,boydanboya aside, Place the spinach into thin strips a kimsini. ,kesin.Elde a tour rolls that rotate and roll the long diagonal pieces 2 cm long, egg yolks yapın.üzerlerine kesin.hamur saying the same process until the cumin and cook until golden sesame degree süsleyin.160.


Grated carrots, spinach, roasted or boiled potatoes with onions and parsley


2large egg whites

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