Grate zucchini,After a while squeezing the excess water by salting them alin.Haslanmis bekletin.Daha rendeleyin.Kiyilmis patateside dill and parsley,black pepper and the cream cheese mixture, adding tuzuda ekleyin.Son,Prepare the filling.

Spread two pieces of sheets in the tray,half of the filling material evenly over the top after spreading yufkayida paylastirin.Ucuncu,Slice the remaining malzemeyide koyun.Dorduncu yufkayida sheep and borek.

Whisk the oil and melted margarine and baking soda on your screen gezdirin.Yumurtalari stirring the mixture over the borek borek equally over the gezdirin.Isitilmis fry in the oven until you are like pomegranates.


  • 4 sheets on
  • 2 One pumpkin
  • 1 adet orta boy haslanmis patates
  • 1 small box of cream cheese
  • Dill-parsley
  • Pepper-salt
  • ½ margarine paket erimis
  • 1 cay bardagi siviyag
  • 1 sise soda
  • 2 eggs
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