Feast of making bread pudding as dessert, how about KAYMAKLI?


• 1 small-sized pieces of bread pudding
• 600 grams sugar
• 1,25 su lt
• 4-5 drops of lemon juice
• 250 g cream

Small size bread pudding that you get ready ( small size bread pudding 20 cm is happening in) Put a large tray. 2 Soak in cold water soak cups. Meanwhile start making sorbet. Putting half a cup of sugar in a saucepan and melt until the Caramelized. Boil the whole brown sugar when the sugar melts and water until the consistency of the syrup by putting.
Remove the pudding somewhat softened slightly if there is excess water with your hands pressing. Empty the boiling syrup bread pudding. Then cover the tray until it rest for half an hour. Then let the grout continuously showing to pull onto the tray simmer putting grout spoon bread pudding. 5-6 Dip the toothpick pieces they remained until the end of sherbet withdrawals. Draw the shape sherbet plus the tip of the knife into the middle part will provide better traction. Add lemon juice to syrup. Very few remaining syrup until they are soft and continue processing until the bread pudding on low heat. Then leave to cool, Serve with slices by slider.
Bon appetit


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