Today, our creme brule dessert recipes. One of us ate very fondly as well as making it very easy to very tasty creme brulee. Each dish that fits next to the construction of this beautiful milky dessert, you will love to learn more.


  • 600gr krema

  • 200süt gr

  • 1 Packages vanilya

  • 4eggs

  • 4One egg yolk

  • 100gr seker

  • brown sugar, to dredge

Boil the milk and cream together with vanilla. Eggs and egg yolk in a bowl of sugar with very little fuss. Pour egg mixture slowly boiling milk-cream mix while. Dağıtın.Küçük containers mixture evenly in a baking pan filled with water put kaplarınızı 150 derecede firinda 40 min Cook. Refrigerate. Sprinkle with brown sugar before serving pürmüs closely with them. Get it to a nice brown color.

Bon appetit

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