• 1kg. a
  • 500gr.margarin
  • 100gr.sıvıyağ
  • 3eggs
  • 50gr maya
  • 200gr yoğurt
  • 25gr Tuz
  • 25gr Şeker
Put the other ingredients that work to open a hole tezgahınıza eleyin.Ortasına a soft dough with a finger-thick open yoğurun.merdane,mid-shaped dough circles with the help of a mold material you want to put the dough doubles kesin.Daire kapatın.Üzerine egg yolks, saying firmly,Sprinkle with sesame seeds or black cumin.

170 nar degree preheated oven and cook until golden brown.

To drive on egg yolk

(dill into the dough according to your desire,haşhaşveya put flax seed.)

Cheese for the filling,use ground beef or potato.

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