• 4 eggs
  • 600 gr un
  • Salt
  • 200gr tereyag
  • 250g of white cheese
  • Parsley

Dort yumurta, Serve with flour salt and knead dough in a tough. Rest after an hour, hamurdan 10 ESIT beze hazirlayin. 22-24 cm in diameter in a tray , brush with melted butter. Herbir bezeyi , tepsinin capinda , Let's open unlayarak. Be ready thickness slightly thicker yufkaların yufka. You salted water to boil in a large saucepan side of flattened dough at a time 2 Boil minutes. Let them cool a bit on the filter take out the boiled pieces of sheets.

Heryufkayi boiled lubricating the tray between the index. Arzunuza gore 3 pastry or 5 Put the parsley, cheese mixture on dough after putting. After finishing with this filling whole, Kisik Ateste ocagin ustunde, Fry slowly. After the help of a flat lid or tray as Nar boreginizi kizardiktan upside down. Fry in the same way again. Serve sliced.


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