• 1 thick-skinned oranges kilograms
  • 750 grams Seker
  • 750 gram its
  • 2 adet lemon suyu

With vegetable peeler or knife kauklarını oranges peel thin so that it is. Do not take the white portions of the inboard. Soyduğunuz shells as thin as possible and chop. Shells with plenty of water and boil until tender. Drain and leave overnight in a bowl filled with water again. Thus, avoiding the pain of orange peels will.

You can also kullanmıyacağız soyun.Beyaz portions of oranges and white portions of the other side. Chop the oranges into small pieces, Put the sugar and leave overnight. Strain and boil, add chopped Oranges Shells. It starts to boil 2 Add a squeeze of lemon juice. 30 Boil until minutes, consistency check and remove from heat. Fill jars, Close your mouth tightly and allow to cool upside down.

Bon appetit

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