• 1 kg pirasa
  • 3 adet orta boy havuc
  • 1 pieces of celery
  • ½ cay bardagi zeytinyag
  • Salt,seker
  • 2 tbsp of rice
Cikartin.Birbucuk is teach one or two sheets of the leeks diagonally cut into inch long.

Peel and peel the carrots finely dograyin.kerviz half circle shaped leaves with small squares together form the dograyin.dogranmis is the olive oil in a shallow pan of vegetables alin.uzer,½ cup sugar, and salt with water and cook for a edin.sadece,it starts yumsamaya leeks,Wash the rice thoroughly vurmayin.Sebzeler get soft spoon on the dish serpin.Kesinlikle after waiting while serving plate stove sondurun.Bir.

NOT;I suggest that you use olive oil because it has a nice taste celery leek karsilasacaksiniz.Anneannem always used to do boyle.

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