• 3 kg tomato
• 1,5 kg of red pepper
• Tuz

Wash the tomatoes and peppers neatly. Clean and chop the tomatoes and salt side of the handle and waited in colander. A few hours a night or more axles of the tomato juices waiting. Clean and chop the peppers into chunks. Tomatoes and peppers pull the puree in a food processor together. Start by boiling a pot of what had been widely Czech. Boils water will begin to pull darkening, Add the salt. Carefully fill the jar thoroughly when hot off the stove when it comes to thick. Tightly hold the jars upside down until it cools off in this way cover. Covers well be stuck for a long time so they remain intact. Do not use old doors, Be sure to use clean and new caps.
This sauce can likewise only with tomatoes. I'm confused because I thought it was to eat the peppers and tomatoes in a more delicious.
Bon appetit

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