• 5 kg of yogurt made with milk
• 2 kg tomato
• 2 kg of red pepper
• 2 kg of onions
• ½ kg of flour
• ½ kg chickpeas
• 1 handful of dried mint
• 1 bunch of red pepper flakes
• Tuz ( sea ​​salt or Himalayan salt)
• 6 kg a ( whole wheat flour, six semolina flour or white flour)

Tarhana kneading the 3 kg of whole wheat flour, 2 six kg of semolina flour called, 1 kg as I used white flour. Such variations can or you can just use white flour.
5 but many of the filter dryer After waiting a day with yogurt structure kg of milk. Soak chopped tomatoes salts are poured a little water in the filter. Wash and clean the red pepper. Tomato and red pepper pull together a food processor. Onions and boiled chickpeas in a food processor pull. Boil all the ingredients together in a blender and chill you take. When cool,, Knead all ingredients together yogurt and other. Will be in consistency to stick to your hands. Should be in a large bowl. Cover with a clean cloth over the stretching off to. Shadow place 4 leave days, dough will make swelling heartburn. There is no more need to hold it. Surging coarse cloth that lay on fresh dough into thin pieces and publications. Make sure that dries quickly fine. Dry in the shade, Be careful not to sun. Turn dries dry until ufalanınca. In firmly until crumbly dough dry food processor. Pass the skimmer, After spending more than gather together those who pass the robot through the sieve again, Spread onto a clean cloth. Thick mold that those who pass through the colander way to store, When pre-wetting can cook soup. Thoroughly dry in the shade. Fill the well is dry cloth in a bag. Be sure to dry, dry well can not mold. With this measure 8,5- 9 You'll get around tarhana kg.
Eat cold winter days in appetite. Whether fertile.
Bon appetit

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