Hi,cuisine food recipe options currently Intersubjectivity,I hope you enjoy many kinds of fish at the same time it's very easy to create custom.

Materials :


  • 125g franbuaz,donmus
  • 100ml sirke
  • 1DIS sarimsak
  • 1 cay kasigi hardal
  • Cay ½ kasigi seker
  • 250ml zeytinyagi
  • Salt,pepper


In addition,:

  • 8slices of fillet of salmon
  • Olive oil
  • Salt,pepper
  • Dereotu've franbuaz
  • 2adet limonun Zesti

Add vinegar mixer gecirin.Sarimsagi Franbuazlari,mustard and sugar in a mixer in the mixer is running, it gradually added additional edin.Yagini edin.Tuz-pepper flavored with.

If you wish you can add finely chopped fresh dill.

Salmon fillets with dry-salt biberleyin.Zeytinyagi ovun.Firinin part of the grille 7-8 minutes pisirin.Arada crisp cevirin.Disi,ici must be cooked before it dries.

Zestlerini lemon in boiling water 1-2 dakikia boil and drain.(Peel thin,take out the white parts without,Slice very thin.

Gezdirin.Tabagin sauce around the plate that you will service your fish alin.Etrafina franbuaz Garnish with dill leaves and all.

Bon appetit




  • 350gr sogan
  • 20gr tereyag
  • 1branches of rosemary(or bay leaves)
  • 500ml red wine
  • 1toz almost seker
  • ½ package tablet or etsuyu etsuyu
  • Salt and pepper

Slices of sliced ​​onions over a short period dograyin.Tereyaginda soteleyin.Biberiye wine wine and sugar and stir over low heat % 90 until tablet is dissolved, add water until it evaporates pisirin.Et pisirin.Tuz-pepper flavored with.

NOT:Grilled meats and intensely flavored onion konfiyi Serve with grilled fish.

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